From vision to reality.

To move Livable Meck from vision to action, more than 130 private, non-profit and government organizations are coming together as partners to make the community’s vision for a livable Mecklenburg a reality.

Based on their respective missions, expertise and influence, partner organizations are participating in 10 issue-focused think tanks where they will identify opportunities for collaborative action.


How might we expand the coordination, capacity, and use of sidewalks, bikeways, greenways, trails, bus routes, and rail?


How might we coordinate the work of organizations that are addressing the needs of at-risk residents and expand the availability of affordable recreations and cultural services programs?


How might we celebrate and integrate history, culture, and diversity into our communities, building stronger connections across diverse populations and developing leaders for the future?


How might we make it easier for new businesses to succeed and existing businesses to flourish, while also increasing our communities’ economic competitiveness?


How might we create a culture of health and wellness in our communities?

inviting destination

How might we continue to be an inviting destination for residents, visitors, and businesses?


How might we expand, enhance, and increase access to education for all age groups, and enhance partnerships between workforce development initiatives and employers?

natural resources

How might we encourage growth and innovation that manages our resources wisely to protect and restore our communities’ natural environments?


How might we promote the redevelopment, reuse, and rehabilitation of declining and vacant properties, and balance available housing options?

safe community

How might we build safe communities?


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