By 2030, Mecklenburg County’s population is predicted to increase by more than 1 million residents, doubling the number of people who call the county their home. Livable Meck is dedicated to bringing people together to enhance the quality of life across our community.

Livable Meck is an engagement infrastructure, bringing organizations together to enhance the quality of life across our community. Livable Meck’s purpose is to coordinate, support and enact positive change by:

  • Engaging residents and stakeholders in a process to guide community growth
  • Facilitating collaboration among the community's private, nonprofit and government organizations
  • Measuring the livability of Mecklenburg County's communities
  • Communicating stories and progress to inspire.

These principles are statements of what our community values, aspires to be and guides our decisions. The first four guiding principles: HEALTHY, AFFORDABLE, SECURE and ACCESSIBLE describe the environment desired. The next three principles: EDUCATED, INNOVATIVE and ENJOYABLE describe what we'll do in our environment. The final principle: TOGETHER describes how we want to be with each other.

View 2021 Progress Report

In 2021, Livable Meck adopted new ways to be a community convener and demonstrate the philosophy of “Better…Together.” Livable Meck embraced creative methods for collaboration and serving partners. Our Partners demonstrated that powerful results come from fidelity to the guiding principles of HEALTHY, AffORDABLE, SECURE, ACCESSIBLE, EDUCATED, INNOVATIVE, ENJOYABLE AND TOGETHER. We are pleased to present the 2021 Livable Meck Progress Report and Video to the community. We hope this report will provide readers with optimism and energy to face the future.